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Chicago Pinball Tournaments
I'm Anna, and I like pinball. This space is for me to announce different Sunday tournaments in the Chicago area.
Past Tourneys
Flipping for TWLOHA
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Summer Night Frenzy
Let's play pinball at Logan Arcade for fun and points!
This will be a 2-hour Flip-Frenzy with a 8-4 player multi-play finals.
Plunge your extra-balls.
Logan Arcade
2410 W Fullerton Ave, Chicago, IL 60647
August 18th 2019
6pm - Sign -ups
6:45 - 8:45 - 2 Hour Flip Frenzy
9:00pm - Finals
Coin Drop
Entry $5
  • $1 - IFPA
  • $4 - Prize Pool
TD Fee $1 (Optional)
  • Pays for trophies and matchplay
Summer Selfie League - Pinball Chicago 2019
Pinball Chicago's Team League  has finished their 2019 Spring Season, but we all want to play more pinball! I've setup a Selfie League to get us out and playing (as if we need the push.)
  • Please visit to register, submit scores and to follow the standings and look at game score info. A player can qualify at any of the arenas listed on Match Play by submitting a selfie (picture of their score).
  • You must play at the location of the machine listed in the arena list on Match Play. Each machine has a different location.
  • The best 5 games at count for your total score. 
  • The qualifying scoring will be 100-90-85-84-83... such that the best possible score is 500.
  • The top 4 players will earn an extra strike for the Final except the top seed will get 2 extra strikes.
  • In the case of an exact tie for the top four spots, a one game playoff at finals will be utilized.
  • Finals format will be a group strikes tournament held at the Pinball Chicago Season Opener in early Fall. (Possibly August 26th).
  • The final discretion on qualifying submissions and rulings during qualifying and finals is that of the tournament director. The finals will use the official IFPA/PAPA ruleset
  • Play all your extra balls tho.
Anyone caught maliciously cheating during qualifying will have their scores voided and possibly excluded from the finals.
  • Post scores that aren't yours
  • Egregiously withhold achieved scores to gain an advantage
  • Post scores that were achieved with death saves and/or bangbacks
  • Submit scores that were achieved before the Selfie League started: May 20th 2019
  • Submit scores that were not achieved at the specified location
Finals Information:
  • The Finals for this Selfie League will happen at the Pinball Chicago Season Opener.
  • It will be a three strike, Fair Strikes Knockout.  (0 strikes for 1st, 1 strike for 2nd/3rd, 2 strikes for 4th)
  • First Place in the Selfie League will get 2 extra strikes, giving them 5 strikes.
  • Second, Third and Fourth place in Selfie League will get 1 extra strike, giving them 4 strikes each.

Selfie League Match Play Link
Finals Location
Replay Lincoln Park
2833 N Sheffield Ave,
Chicago, IL 60657

Finals Date/Time
Selfie Scores need to be in by Aug 25th 11:59pm
August 26th: Signups start at 7:30pm
Tournament starts promptly at 8pm

Pinball Chicago League Members will have the IFPA fee covered.
If you are not in the Pinball Chicago League please bring $1.
The Second Annual JVBPT
Jane's Birthday Pinball tournament. All she wants for her birthday are WPPR points. :)
Logan Arcade
2410 W Fullerton Ave, 
 Chicago, IL 60647
Progressive Strikes
Thursday May 23rd
Sign ups start at 7:30pm
Tournament starts at 8:00pm on the dot
Fun Trophies
Pinball Chicago Season Closer - Spring 2019
The award ceremony for Pinball Chicago includes pizza and a tournament!
The planning for this celebration starts soon.
Fulton Market
839 W Fulton Market
Chicago, Illinois 60607
Group 3-Strike
May 20th
Signups start at 7:30pm
Tournament starts at  8:00pm
Pinball Chicago League Members will have the IFPA fee covered.
If you are not in the Pinball Chicago League please bring $1.
This is just for fun and points y'all.

Logan's Sunday Best - Aries Pinball Tourney - Completed
Held April 7th, 2019
Erin and I are planning to hold another tournament at Logan Arcade in Chicago on April 7th. This one is in honor of all the Aries birthdays we are having that week. (Including Erin!!) I'm not promising anything, but there might be cake.

Logan Arcade  
2410 W Fullerton Ave,
 Chicago, IL 60647

  • 8 rounds of matchplay. (No Extra Balls) 
  • Top 8/12 will be in A finals. (Depending on interest.)  
  • The next 4/8 will compete for a B division prize.  (Depending on interest)
  • 12:15pm Signups 
  • 12:30pm WWE Qualifying begins 
  • 12:45pm Main Tournament Begins 
  • 5:45pm Match Play Ends 
  • 6:00pm A and B finals begin 
  • 6:00pm WWE Qualifying ends 
  • 7:00pm WWE Finals Begin
Includes IFPA fee

Payouts for top four:
 40% - 30% - 20% -10%
Other Prizes T

Wrestlemania (WWE) Side Tournament
  • Unlimited Qualifying until 6pm
  • $1 buy-in each submission
  • (If Wrestlemania is not on the floor a new game will be chosen.)
  • If we get 16 entries, top 8 will go on to a finals.

Summertime Pinball Day
Ladies! Lets do this!
We just had a long weekend, lets top it off with a day of pinball just with the girls (and Jack Danger.)

Jack Danger will be in the secret location with us and has agreed to stream the event! I think this is super exciting as it's very rare to have a woman's event streamed like this. Thank you Jack!

For those of you that are weary of the internet and/or being on camera, please reach out to me directly and we can try and accommodate you. This is a event for us, so I want us all to be comfortable!

This will be a charity event for Chicago Period Project.

I went to Jack's Studio yesterday and it is awesome!
There is a restroom and a fridge. I'll probably bring some lawn chairs and a table for the back but it's a pretty big place.

Tentative Machine List:
Bank 1:
Tic Tac Toe (EM)
Batman 66

Bank 2:
Flame of Athen's (Sitdown)
Iron Maiden

Bank 3:

Bank 4:
Gaurdians of the Galaxy

Bank 5:

Bank 6:
Star Wars
(Maybe) Tic Tac Toe Again
(Maybe) Blackout
(Maybe) Tommy

 If you are currently in the going list you are gauranteed a spot. If we actually get more than 24 ladies then we'll figure something out (Currently limited by banks.)

For people who care about TGP, this will be a 100% event.
For people who do not care, this will be a 100% awesome event.

I love you all.

July 7th 2019
10:00 AM - Signups
10:30 AM - Round 1 - Matchplay
11:15 AM - Round 2 - Matchplay
12:00 PM - Round 3 - Matchplay
1:00 PM - Lunch!!
2:00 PM - Round 4 - Matchplay
2:40 PM - Round 5 - Matchplay
3:20 PM - Round 6 - Matchplay
4:20 PM - Finals - Top 4
Dead Flip's Secret Arcade
Matchplay Baby! 7-5-3-1

We'll do three rounds of matchplay, break for lunch,
then do three more rounds.

Finals will be top four!
We will do a multi-game matchplay finals. 
$5 or donate what you would like
There will be trophies for the winners
Please contact me if you are interested so I can get a head count. Also tell you where to find the secret arcade.
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