Chicagoland Pinball Code of Conduct 


Leagues and tournaments which adhere to the Chicagoland Pinball Code of Conduct aim to create & preserve an inclusive, safe, and welcoming community by setting expectations for all those who attend events, as well as being a resource to those who have questions or concerns regarding player behavior or rule interpretation.

We are dedicated to providing a harassment-free experience for everyone and will not tolerate:

  • Ableism
  • Ageism
  • Body Shaming
  • Bullying
  • Disrespectful Behavior
  • Homophobia
  • Racism
  • Sexism
  • Transphobia

As we continue to grow, it is imperative that we clearly define acceptable and unacceptable behavior in order to honor the mission and values that make our leagues and tournaments safe.

If you witness any harassment or questionable behavior, please notify a league official as soon as you feel safe in doing so, either in person or via email. Tournament director and league runner emails are located at the end of this document. Your message will be responded to quickly and discreetly. If a TD or League Runner is the harasser or victim in an incident, they will recuse themselves from the process.

Anti-Harassment Policy

Harassment and hostility will not be tolerated during or outside of league and tournament activities. We strive to create an accepting environment and do not allow harassment of any kind. Harassment includes offensive verbal comments as pertaining to the mission statement.

Harassment also includes:

  • Deliberate intimidation
  • Inappropriate photography or recording
  • Inappropriate electronic communication -Inappropriate physical contact and unwanted sexual attention
  • Racial slurs
  • Stalking
  • Theft
  • Other inappropriate behavior

Harassment of someone not affiliated with an event which occurs during league and tournament play also falls under these guidelines. Additionally, harassment transpiring in any pinball event, regardless of whether or not it is held by a league or tournament which utilizes this code of conduct, may be subject to the same repercussions discussed below at league officials’ discretion.

Any harassment, expressed threats, or violent actions may result in immediate ejection from league or tournament and a permanent ban from future events. Actions will also be reported to the venue and may be subject to discipline per the venue’s discretion.

Aggression Toward Inanimate Objects

Abusive handling of machines outside the parameters of normal play during league or tournament play (including warm-ups) is grounds for a warning. Destruction or damage to league or venue property or the property of other players is also grounds for a warning, ejection from the event and/or venue, or permanent ban. Repeated warnings can lead to more severe consequences such as ejection or permanent ban.

Interactions with League Officials

Any player who behaves rudely or inappropriately toward tournament directors or league officials may be warned, disqualified or asked to leave the tournament or league play, at the tournament director’s discretion. Tournament director rulings are final and always in the best interest of fair play. Please keep in mind that your tournament directors and league officials have an official set of rules that they are making rulings from. Please also remember that tournament directors and league officials volunteer their time to run these events and are handling multiple questions or ruling concerns most of the time, so your patience is always appreciated during interactions.

Expeditious Play and Personal Responsibility

Excessive delays of reporting to games, reporting results, or absences during gameplay after a match has begun will result in a warning. Repeated offenses will result in disqualification and/or ejection from the current competition.

Be a Good Sport

Excessive gloating, pouting, or complaining that interferes with other players’ enjoyment may result in warnings or disqualification.

What you can expect from us

As tournament directors, we recognize the trust our participants put in us to run high quality events and handle any and all situations with professionalism. We commit to fully hearing all concerns, not dismissing personal experiences, and treating participants with respect throughout the process. We have worked hard to build the community we have today, and we recognize there is still more we can do. If you have any suggestions for edits or additions that will improve this Code of Conduct, please email your recommendations to:

Acceptance of Rules and Policies

By participating in organized play at any events using this code of conduct, players are affirming that they will abide by the rules of behavioral expectations. If a player has received warning(s) for violating the player code of conduct, they may be subject to expulsion from other chicagoland events or becoming barred from league & tournament play.

Please feel free to reach out to any of the below leagues and/or TDs with questions, concerns, or suggestions:

SundayBest Pinball League - Anna Neal;
Logan Arcade Pinball League - Jesse Irwin or Isaac Csandl
Belles and Chimes Chicago -Kate Porter, Rebecca Hinsdale, Rachel Karlic and Tavi Veraldi;
Pinball Chicago - William Russo;
Logan Arcade Stern Army - Arunas Ingaunis;
Pinbrunch - Jessica Kent
Andy Bagwell & Ray Leitzke -

HFPL Code of Conduct
Making Spaces Safer, by Shawna Potter