Sunday Best Pinball League
Season Two

Sunday Oct 10th 2021
Sunday Nov 14th 2021
Sunday Dec 12th 2021
Sunday Dec 19th 2021

Logan Arcade
2410 W. Fullerton Ave. Chicago, IL 60647

Please come to logan at 7:30pm.
If you know you won't be able to make it before 7:45pm, please contact us via FB or here.

League will consist of 3 matches. Each match will be on a Sunday night. We will have one match a month, usually on the first Sunday of the month. There will be a makeup match on the 3rd month that anyone can attend.

  • Each match you will be grouped up with 3 other people to make groups of 4. (There may be some groups of 3 depending on attendance.)
  • We will use a balanced group choice to choose each group. This will hopefully allow for players to meet new people every week.
  • Each match will consist of 5 games. These games will be chosen randomly on league night.
  • Top seeds will get to choose position on the first game. After that it will be losers choice.
  • Top 3 out of 4 matches will be used for the final scoring. This means you can miss a week and still beat everyone. It also means you can make up any bad week you have.
  • To be entered into the IFPA for the season you must attend at least two matches.
  • Play one extra ball, all others will be plunged.
  • IFPA/PAPA rules will be used for in game rulings and malfunctions.
  • No funny business. There will be yellow and red cards.
  • Stuck Balls - The case where a ball becomes stuck and an operator is not on hand.
    • During the course of single or multiball play, it is possible for a ball to become stuck.
      • Mutliball – If at least 2 balls are free, continue playing the multiball as normal. If the table reaches the point where one ball is stuck or failed to auto-plunge and only one ball is still in play, the player must try to cradle the ball in play when appropriate and free the stuck ball. 

      • The spirit of this rule is to limit egregious and repetitive advantage from a stuck ball during a multiball using controlled shots. Please enforce with that in mind.

    • It is suggested that the player wait for two automatic ball searches to occur.

    • If the stuck ball has not been freed after the searches, or if the machine is not performing searches, the player MUST NOTIFY THEIR OPPONENTS of the issue and then make a reasonable attempt to shake the ball free without tilting.

    • If the ball is freed without tilting but tilt warnings are acquired, that is considered acceptable and the ball must be played to completion.

    • If a tilt occurs, or the machine automatically ends the ball, the player is awarded either an additional extra ball or the choice of playing the first ball of an additional game and adding it on to their current score. If the opponent is unaware of the issue and a tilt occurs, the additional ball is NOT granted.

    • Any ball that comes to rest below the bottom flippers or in an outlane, where any portion of the ball is below the outlane post, is not deemed a stuck ball. Any tilt that occurs in this case is considered unfortunate and bad luck.

    • If a stuck ball is unable to be freed and causes the remaining game to be unplayable then the game must be restarted on a different machine.

  • Multiple Balls in the Shooter Lane - The case of the game erroneously kicking out two or more balls into the shooter lane
    • If at the start of your ball, there are two or more balls in the shooter lane, the player must skillfully plunge both balls and drain one.

      • If after the skillful plunge, both drain, the ball is terminated.

  • Absences - The case of players leaving groups before 5 rounds of matchplay are complete
    • If a player leaves a 3-player group before the 3rd round has been completed:

      • Another group will be randomly selected

      • The player with the lowest score from the randomly selected group will be added to the 2-player group. 

      • The formerly 4-player group will now play as a 3-player group but their scores will remain from rounds completed. 

    • If a player leaves a 4-player group before the 3rd round has been completed:

      • The entire groups scores will be recalculated as 3-player scores

    • Any player leaving before the 3rd round is complete gets a zero for the match.

    • If a player leaves any group after the 3rd round, the groups remain intact, but the absent player gets automatic losses for the remaining games.

  • Fairness - The case of pinball being unfair.
    • Pinball is unfair, this is the nature of the game we love. I’m sorry.

    • Sometimes rulings seem unfair, that is because we can only do our best to keep them consistent. 

    • Pinball rulings are often unfair, but we try to make them fair.

  • Dues will be $15
  • Most of the dues will be paid out in cash money
  • The rest will be used for prizes  and IFPA fees
  • Each league member will get a prize.
  • Winners will get some dope trophies or plaques.

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