Sunday Best Pinball League
Season One

Sunday Feb 23rd 2020
Sunday March 1st 2020
Sunday August 8th 2021
Sunday August 15th 2021

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Logan Arcade
2410 W. Fullerton Ave. Chicago, IL 60647

Please come to logan at 7:30pm.
If you know you won't be able to make it before 7:45pm, please contact us via FB or here.

League will consist of 3 matches. Each match will be on a Sunday night. We will have one match a month, usually on the first Sunday of the month. There will be a makeup match on the 3rd month that anyone can attend.

  • Each match you will be grouped up with 3 other people to make groups of 4. (There may be some groups of 3 depending on attendance.)
  • We will use a balanced group choice to choose each group. This will hopefully allow for players to meet new people every week.
  • Each match will consist of 5 games. These games will be chosen randomly on league night.
  • Top seeds will get to choose position on the first game. After that it will be losers choice.
  • Top 3 out of 4 matches will be used for the final scoring. This means you can miss a week and still beat everyone. It also means you can make up any bad week you have.
  • To be entered into the IFPA for the season you must attend at least two matches.
  • Play one extra ball, all others will be plunged.
  • IFPA/PAPA rules will be used for in game rulings and malfunctions.
  • No funny business. There will be yellow and red cards.
  • Dues will be $15
  • Most of the dues will be paid out in cash money
  • The rest will be used for prizes  and IFPA fees
  • Each league member will get a prize.
  • Winners will get some dope trophies or plaques.

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